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What makes our programs special? 

To us, sports are just high-energy social opportunities. Come to a clinic and your athlete will learn to dribble, throw, run…whatever! The real magic is in the social experience. Our coaches care about our players and work hard to foster teamwork and relationships among everyone involved.

We also offer league programs that give athletes with special needs the chance to play right alongside their typically-functioning peers. All players make the team and after a couple of practice sessions, the games begin! Each season features 5+ games with high school or college basketball teams. We scramble the teams so our players get to play WITH their typical peers, not against.

Thanks to the generous support of our sponsors and the community, all programs are offered at low or no cost to participants.


  • Exercise & Fitness: Provide fun and fulfilling ways to exercise, from team sports to basic fitness courses.
  • Socialization Skills: Encourage the development of communication skills, making friends, self-esteem, belonging and fulfillment through multiple sports programs.
  • Unforgettable Social Experiences: Give kids and adults with special needs access to premium social events with family and friends.
  • Peer Integration: Create tolerance, understanding and compassion between athletes with special needs and typically-functioning peers.
  • Service: Thousands of high school student-athletes and corporate volunteers have had the perspective-changing opportunity to play with our athletes


Revere Football

Revere Softball

Medina Basketball

Independence Softball

  • Independence Rec
  • Tuesdays, 6-7:15
  • July 18th-August 22nd

Pepper Pike Softball

Solon Football

Westlake Softball

  • Roman Park
  • Thursdays, 6-7:15
  • July 6th-August 10th

Bainbridge Summer Softball

Pepper Pike Basketball

Westlake Football

  • Roman Park
  • Thursdays, 6-7:15
  • April 27th-June 1st

Avon Pickleball

Bainbridge Spring Softball

Empower Sports at Ohio State

We are proud to work with the incredible students of Ohio State to offer programs in Columbus! 2023 program schedule to be announced soon.