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About Us

Our Mission

Empower Sports exists to enrich the lives of athletes of diverse challenges through sports and exercise while promoting kindness, character, and relationships.

Our Vision and Values

We believe that every athlete should have an opportunity to participate in the games they love.  

Sports have the power to bring us together and forge new friendships.  

Sports can foster greater empathy between people of diverse abilities and backgrounds.

Sports are for everyone and we are driven to provide programs so that no one is left out. 

Get to Know Us

Empower Sports is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization committed to providing sports and exercise programs for children and adults with various physical and cognitive disabilities and additional programs for typically-developing kids. We value diversity, relationships, service, and empathy.

To put it simply, we are sports junkies. We grew up playing the games we love, and now as dedicated professionals we are working to provide those opportunities to those in need while fostering relationships between individuals of diverse backgrounds.

Programs emphasize socialization skills, self-esteem, teamwork, discipline and (most importantly) HAVING FUN!


Empower Sports was founded with the belief that no athlete should ever be left on the sidelines, regardless of disability, age, or gender.  So when we kicked off our first ever basketball clinic in November of 2012 we welcomed ALL interested players with the mindset of tailoring the program to meet our players at their needs.  The result was a beautifully diverse group of players and volunteers enjoying time together in the gym.
Since then, our program has evolved to include softball, soccer, lacrosse, fitness classes, and a lot more basketball! Through our basketball and softball team sport initiative we bring groups of our favorite athletes together with volunteer teams to play. Intermixing the teams allows our players to play right alongside of their typically-functioning peers. It's all about building socialization skills, self-esteem, and getting some exercise together!

Our Team

Tom Heines

Tom Heines

Executive Director

Phone: 216-400-8598 ext. 1

Christina Petras

Christina Petras

Program Manager

Jake Jackson

Jake Jackson

Program Director

Phone: 216-400-8598 ext. 2

jack Thompson

jack Thompson

Program Manager

Dawn Saylor

Dawn Saylor

Media Director

Phone: 216-400-8598 ext. 3

CJ Maynard

CJ Maynard

Program Director, Geauga County

Our Board of Directors

Art Borowski

CFO, Emerald Hospitality

Kristin Gibbs

Chief Marketing Officer, Sotera Health

Tim Offtermatt

VP of Finance, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Savanna Roberts

Vice President, Citizens M&A Advisory

Michael Heines

CEO, Crescent Digital

Cindy Reagan

M.Ed, Teacher, St. Ignatius High School

John Ryan

CFP, Associate Director, Ryan Wealth Management

Brian Stovsky

Business Development Leader, Oswald Companies

Michael Charlillo

Associate Attorney, Ulmer & Berne LLP

Thom Rogers

President, Mainspring Solutions

Will Huhn

Professor of Law, Duquesne University

Steve Thompson

Special Care Planner, Common Goal Financial

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